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Thought Puddng

Thought Pudding

"One must always be puzzled by concerns of the mind. The thing I would dread most is that, if someone is struggling emotionally and we adopt a common sense attitude; to take for granted that this person is suffering."

We are a community of mental health professionals and advocates unable to keep calm about concerns of the mind. We believe it is necessary to acknowledge and invest in our emotional lives.  


To give the skeptics some data, the number of people suffering from Mental Health issues in India is actually more than the population of Japan, yet only 0.3% of India's total Health Budget is dedicated to Mental Health. 


And we wish to play a small part in changing this! 

So, we created "Thought Pudding". A place where we can talk about mental health issues, find credible information and help each other and in turn, bring the much needed attention and care towards our inner lives.  


At ThoughtPudding, you can find stories, therapists, resources, often unpopular perspectives basically all things mental health. 


So, come join us and start your mental health journey today! 



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